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If you really want to make your head spin, consider the rising popularity of “the girlfriend experience” (GFE for shorthand, Google it) among men paying for escorts. They want the trappings of a nice dinner and a sexy date along with the main entree. So now we’re treating professionals like girlfriends and girlfriends like professionals.
“We lump these things together but that’s only to spare ourselves any mental exertion, “ Tracy Clark-Flory argues in Salon. “Most of us don’t like to acknowledge the complex relationship between sex and money.”
For Gen Y, they all blend together even after profund mental exertion. The “broad spectrum of deal-making” looks like shades of grey. So the thinking goes – if they all look the same – why not charge for it?
That’s certainly Hakim’s recommendation, but that’s not all of it:
Women must learn to bargain and negotiate with men for a better deal. They must bargain for greater recognition for their contribution to private life before they can bargain successfully at work with managers, colleagues, and employers. if you cannot negotiate successfully with a man who claims to desire, love, and respect you, you are unlikely to develop the necessary skills for dealing with men who are colleagues in the same organization, or friends, or strangers such as deliverymen, service providers, and the myriad of people we all have to deal with in everyday life.
Whatever the currency we choose, it’s high time we ask for a fair exchange. And for Gen Y, anything is better than free.

19Susan Walsh September 13, 2011 at 10:47 pm
Great article there. Feminism is coming down. Young women see the writing on the wall.

20Abbot September 14, 2011 at 12:16 am
Feminism is coming down
To mockingly use their own terminology: