After answering all their questions, the NBI found Dennis Sytin negative for any participation or involvement in the killing of his brother and even specifically found that he had no specific reaction indicative of deception to questions asked relative to the investigation on the death of his brother Dominic Sytin. “I maintain my innocence on the case filed against me,” said Dennis Sytin at the resumption of the hearing by the Department of Justice on the killing of his brother Dominic in November 2018. Dennis Sytin – “I am innocent” “I would like to reiterate that I did not nor did I have anything to do with the killing of my brother, Dominic. The supposed testimony of the murderer of my brother pointing to me as the mastermind in the killing remains, at the very least, highly questionable,” he said, referring to alleged gunman Edgardo Luib. Dennis said if Luib was capable of taking the life of a person, he was more than capable of telling a lie to save himself. “He (Luib) has strong motives to fabricate and deliver a false and general narrative which contains none of the vital details by which the truthfulness of his statements against me can be tested,” Dennis said. Dennis argued that there was no physical evidence to link him to the planning of the crime, which allegedly happened in a beach resort. He said that there was no video footage, logbook, receipt or even statements from witnesses that would back Luib’s statements. “In this case, the purported identification made by Luib was not corroborated by any evidence at all. This reduces Luib’s assertion to a mere allegation which I am advised is not considered by the Supreme Court as equivalent to proof,” Dennis said in his counter-affidavit.