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And many other judgments spin off of this, such as a woman’s need for a hero or rescue or cherishing is wrong, or that her confidence and standing up for herself or battling things in the world (being in a work environment is an aspect of that too) should just be an expected given and that those women who can’t are inferior (God forbid we should call it the sensitivity and sacred vulnerability it might really be, because that would deserve care and protection and we can’t have that).

And there is also the judgment that the same standards and ideals should apply to both male and female energy rather than acknowledging difference and polarity (that one is HUGE).

These things really are just judgments and beliefs, and very harmful ones I feel, but they are NOT presented that way, they are assumed just automaticaly “correct” (like the “politically correct” title implies) and this unspoken assumption and judgment-- judgment that is, worse yet, just assumed as truth
really DOES come across to those it attacks. And people come from these judgments all the time without even knowing it because they don’t even see these things as judgments, like I have experienced in many of the posts on this thread for example. And these harmful judgments are NOT just a given.

The reason I look at certain times past (certain, not all) and not just the present is that in some of the times and places past, the ideal (ideals really do impact, manifested widespreadly then or not) truly was that a woman’s sensitivity/impactabilty/needs/higher vulnerability/softness and the like were rather than being judged as inferior etc actually truly treasured instead, treasured enough to be actually cared for and protected. I do not see the ideals of today treasuring female energy in the least little bit in these ways, but rather just using it. And that is the female servant to me. To me the true test of how a woman is treasured is how she is protected and cherished.