Charli XCX Post Card Album Review

If you haven't heard Charli XCX's self-titled album, you're missing out on one of the most impressive debuts of 2019. This acoustic pop singer-songwriter has a range of sounds that can be compared to the sexy lyrics of her single "Vroom Vroom." In this article, I'll discuss Her career and influences, as well as the song that inspired the album's title.
Charli XCX's self-titled album

Before the release of her self-titled album, Charli XCX believed that people created music. She even sang on her unreleased 2008 debut album, "who writes the songs? The machines do," to suggest that the creation of a popular song was a complex process. Despite the fact that her songs have been featured on songs by pop stars including Iggy Azalea and Icona Pop, Charli's style is unique.

The first single from the album is "Crash," which has a glitzy chorus and snazzy chords. Its lyrics - "I'm so fast I'm going to crash" - are full of adrenaline. Track two, "New Shapes," is more somber and involves thinking about the past. It's a very different album from the wacky sounding songs that preceded it.
Her influences

Streaming services have changed the way music is released, encouraging secretiveness and surprise drops. This has stifled creativity for many artists. Charli XCX's "Post Card" is a surprisingly accessible album - the artfulness of the music is questionable. But what's so remarkable about her latest music? What do her influences look like? Here are a few.

'Vroom Vroom': the title track is a song that has a recognizable hook. The song is catchy and echoes the "Vroom Vroom" theme of her previous commercial pop album, Sucker. This song has become a staple at her live performances, and the lyrics are simple enough for Charli fans to understand. On her third album, Number 1 Angel, she explored the musical world a little more with auto-tuned vocals and pitched synths.charli xcx merch

The new album features collaborations from all different genres and identities. There are electropop anthems, 80s-inspired disco-pop, and more. Clearly, the influences are varied, and Charli is a master at blending genres. This is evident in her latest album. If you're looking for a pop album that will stay in your playlist, "Post Card" is an excellent choice.
Her career

During her early years as a singer, Charli Royce began releasing music in 2008 and set the bar for avant-garde pop. She has since been responsible for some of the most popular songs in the world, embracing the rawest sounds of pop. Charli's fan base has become known affectionately as the Angels. In addition to her career as a pop singer, Charli has also become a documentary maker and radio host.
Her song "Vroom Vroom"

The lead track of Charli XCX's new EP is the dark, bubblegum bass rager "Vroom Vroom." The song is a balancing act between confidence and absurdity. Charli's rapping, on the other hand, has improved from her earlier work, and her vocals alternate between breathy on the pre-chorus and graceful on the outro. The track transitions through various phases and styles, and its three-minute runtime provides plenty of opportunities for the listener to enjoy the track. The song begins with rising tension and squeaking noises, and builds to a synth groove provided by producer Sophie.

The album has plenty of high points. The title track is a highlight, while Charli XCX's "Seduction" is a surprisingly odd piece of audio. The song was a bold creative gamble, and the result was an album that's sure to be a career-defining hit. Although "Seduction" was a left turn for the pop star, it's definitely one of the best songs on the album.
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