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We hold the keys to the magic kingdom. And so when a woman gives those keys away freely, she becomes cheap. Think about it this way - would Harvard still maintain its prestige if it gave admission away to everyone and anyone who asked for it? Would you still admire and venerate Harvard if you knew that any schmuck who applied could get in? No, you wouldn't - it would just become a Harvard Community College and it would lose its sheen, its desirability. You would respect its rights as an educational institution, but you would no longer respect it as something to be admired and sought after. Furthermore, taking the economics out of sex for a minute, I hate the fact that we have forgotten how extremely intimate sex is. It's not just sharing your fries and ketchup with your best friend - it's a HIGHLY personal encounter. You're allowing people access to your body, your lust, your secret turn-on triggers, your ecstasy and your vulnerability, almost indiscriminately. What's so empowered about that? You've just cheapened yourself again! Not to mention it's emotionally damaging. I've had intimate makeout sessions with 2 guys prior to meeting my now boyfriend. Just kissing those past boyfriends was enough to help create a strong emotional bond...It was painful to break those bonds nevertheless. I can only imagine how traumatized I would've been if I'd had sex with those guys.

Madhuri June 15, 2013 at 9:49 am Reply
Hi Marrie, Thank you for having the integrity for publishing a dissenting comment on your blog post. I appreciate that and respect you for it. There have been many other bloggers who have refused to publish comments that disagree with them, so props to you for being more honest! And I hope that what I said was not taken personally. It was not intended to be so. It was more a reaction to the prevailing climate than to you specifically, if you know what I mean. I just feel that public discourse regarding everything - not just sexuality - is so divided into extremely liberal or extremely conservative dialogue. Believe it or not, I'm very progressive and liberal on most issues, but it is frustrating when any conservative opinion you may have is immediately decried. So that is why I wrote such a long comment, really!

Marrie June 27, 2013 at 3:05 pm Reply
I thrive on different points of view and feel that as soon as someone closes their eyes, ears, and minds to learning they stop growing and eventually die mentally. I totally agree with your comment; this world has become extremely polarized. I am a "liberal", who supports gun ownership,the military, gay rights, and tend to be fiscally conservative! I guess I am a political mutt that would not be embraced or endorsed by either party...and I take that as a compliment! Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my little site :)