How do you write poetry?

Beginning poets sometimes have a question: What should I write poems about? It all depends on your imagination: you can write lyrics, addresses, congratulations, or toasts. Try yourself in all areas, because there is always something to say to friends and family, and there are enough holidays in the year to practice. Plus, a beautiful self-written verse is a valuable gift that will surely be remembered by those you care about. Just use the above tips on how to write poetry, and your skill in poetry will begin to grow.

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How do you write poetry? Many people think that a real poet will not ask such questions. There is an opinion that the words should come by themselves, along with inspiration. Anyone who wonders "how to write poetry?" supposedly will never achieve mastery. We hasten to dispel this myth. Of course, without talent and inspiration can not do, but literary skill is not without reason taught in universities. Learning to write is an important part of every poet and writer's job. Being able to look at your work from the outside, coming up with lines that are memorable, and finding a topic that is interesting to the reader all require patience and certain skills that can be learned.

Start reading poetry

This recommendation may seem unusual, but it's a good place to start. Try reading poetry of different genres and styles. Be sure to study the classics. Which poems resonate warmly with you as a reader? Try to analyze why some poems are close to us and memorized, while others do not remain in your memory and are forgotten immediately after reading?

Explore the dimensions of poetry

Inspiration is great, but in addition to the creative element, the technique in which the poetic work is written is important. How do you write poetry if you don't distinguish iambus from chorus? Obviously, it's impossible. Yes, there are no clear criteria in modern poetry, but a sophisticated reader will know right away that your poems have no rhythm.

Think about what you want to tell the reader

Every poem is a statement by the author. A thought that you convey in different artistic ways. The poem has a certain drama. Think about how you will reveal that thought? What artistic techniques will you use?