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Women in this country are my enemy and they present an ever growing threat to me, my livelihood, they threaten me with second class citizenship. They send their police after me. They vote in policies that favor them at my expense, economically, in the eyes of the law, in social sense, in a cultural, and in a biological sense, at the expense of my sanity, my mental and physical health. And they declared war on me long before I had a clue that one was being fought. They marginalize me and all men without regard for justice nor science.

No, I ain’t supporting the killing of men fighting against my true enemy. I ain’t in their fucking army any more.

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Eric September 6, 2014 at 08:39
“When we invaded Iraq on the false pretext of Iraqi WMDs and involvement in 9/11″

Your baseline premise is incorrect.

One, Bush didn’t accuse Saddam of involvement with 9/11. Rather, Bush warned of the danger moving forward from 9/11 of a noncompliant, non-rehabilitated Saddam working with terrorists or using his own unconventional capability. Saddam didn’t need to work with al Qaeda. He had his own terrorist network and in-house black-ops capability. In fact, Saddam renouncing terrorism was a mandate of the Gulf War ceasefire. The view that Iraq and al Qaeda were enemies is also false. The two sides were neutral with al Qaeda requesting material support from Iraq. The majority view is Saddam had not yet agreed to assist al Qaeda; however, their evolving relationship was a concern for Clinton and Bush officials. The uncovering of the (AQ Khan) international WMD black market also opened the possibility of al Qaeda obtaining Iraqi weapon through a 3rd party, with or without Saddam’s intent.

Two, Iraqi WMDs was not a false pretext. Saddam was in breach. The definition of WMD in Iraq and standard of compliance was set by UNSCR 687, reinforced by UNSCR 1441, and enforced by US law and policy. The burden of proof was entirely on Iraq to prove compliance with the Gulf War ceasefire.