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* You state that you like to show zero emotion. Actually,
you might also want do the very opposite of this. To become
nonreactive, you first have to master your emotional
expressions, by letting your emotions out the moment they
come up. Repressing emotions and pretending they don’t
exist because you want the girl to think you’re ‘so
cool’ is, once again, the exact polar opposite of what will
lead you to emotional maturity and transcendence. You can
only do this when you can openly admit your ‘downside’ to
women, instead of pridefully hiding your humanness and
being cold-as-ice or pretending you’re ‘perfect’. To
transcend emotionality and achieve the true state of
non-reactiveness, you first have to “walk through the
storms” and feel all of your human emotions consciously
and fully, turning each and every single emotion into
a meditation. Thus, you can’t get to University until
you’ve completed high school.

* You mention the “no contact rule”, but to Womanize you
must throw away all of your rules and learn to be
spontaneous and fully human. Right now you’re just running
programs on women to control them. This is how you’ll end
up getting mostly ‘whoors’, and it’ll make you more and
more cynical, guarded, and paranoid. Again, in this case,
the opposite of what you’ve learned from ‘the community’
is the way out of hell.

* Speaking of paranoia, yours seems to boil down to the
intense fear that women will think you’re “needy.”
Instead of covering up your downside and pretending it
doesn’t exist, instead of hiding yourself behind a wall of
‘dating programs’ and rules, it is best to learn to be
honest with yourself and others. Of course you’re
“needy”, otherwise you wouldn’t be in this mess to begin
with. Welcome to the human condition. Your neediness
does not make you unlovable, you see? The way out of
neediness is to just transcend desire, and also letting go of
judgmentalism, which makes the relinquishing of the
wanting of anything from others possible.