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Phoebe Bridgers' relationship with Ryan Adams
If you're looking for information about Phoebe Bridgers' relationship to Ryan Adams, look no further. In 2014, Ryan Adams dated the talented singer, who is currently suing him for $3.8 million. The singer is now dating Emily Bannon. While the singer dated Ryan Adams in 2014, they broke up in 2018. While Phoebe is still pursuing her music career, Ryan Adams has reportedly been a prolific contributor to her music career.

The two had a long and complicated relationship. Bridgers, who was 18 at the time, abandoned college and devoted herself to pursuing a career in music. While working as a full-time musician, Bridgers met some influential people in the indie rock scene, including producers Tony Berg and Aimee Mann. Adams, meanwhile, compared her to Bob Dylan. The pair later met at a recording studio in Los Angeles, and the two became very close.

The pair have been friends for several years, but the romance reportedly ended because Adams refused to release any of the music they recorded together. While Bridgers claims that the relationship was "a consensual fling," she has denied receiving flirty texts from the singer. She claims that the singer never threatened her with physical violence and has not made any threats to her. Despite their breakup, she has continued to pursue him and was able to land a gig opening for him in 2017.

In February 2019, the New York Times published an exposé about the singer's history of emotional abuse. This included testimony from Phoebe Bridgers Hoodies , who had dated Adams and collaborated with him in the past. The two women had an intimate relationship, but the relationship quickly deteriorated after Adams became obsessive and emotionally abusive. She was even forced to cancel upcoming shows because Adams wouldn't immediately respond to her texts.
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