DetailingGuy? March 26, 2012 at 3:50 pm
Hi! I read this article couple of months ago, found it very interesting. Things made sense. But since my dickens has been ruling over my other brain so strongly since my teens (i’m 25 now), i could not manage to go beyond 4 days. It was torture doing it. Some unintentional rubbing over the sheets and i was done.
I consider myself very attractive. I do not have problem getting girls, but i lack motivation and feel a bit depressed at times.

Well this time im trying the cycle again. Somehow, ive managed till day 12. :p And let me tell you, my first week was EPIC! Lol not because i’ve had tonnes of pussy in my bed everynight, but, my take on things has been entirely different! Day to day things seem interesting. I’m focused, interested. Yes, after day 4, i felt the urge to go out look for a honey. I think the whole sensation for me peaked on day 6. That night, I was up 3am, out of breath, and found dickens choking/vibrating/struggling/convulsing like crazy! It was making me twitch all over! I was having spasms which continued over three whole minutes! Head was spinning left to right! Felt like lavajizz was exploding out! Was very certain i was wetting things but it felt soo good! I have never felt such a sensation before!! maybe it was a lucid dream about to happen, but since i’ve never had one before, i cant say for sure! First thing i remember was my heart pounding like retardedly crazy which got me up. After about five minutes, i checked things and surprisingly, it was pretty dry down there. I went to the bathroom, washed my face, lit a cig, looking in the mirror. Still catching on breath, throat was really dry, dickens felt like a stranger, and for some reason, my body was yelling at me” GET ME A FUCKIN CHICK RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!” (in the am). left the bathroom, tried to embrace the entire happening, and went to sleep feeling exhausted.
Now day12 explains the fact that i’m trying to aim for my first ever wet dream.