Louise's reaction although touching is only one reaction. I love what she wrote and how her husband affects her. Spanking plays a different role for me than the way I understand Louise to describe her reaction. For Louise no amount of spanking changes how she feels. That is great for her. A good spanking CAN help me to feel remorse. I do not feel the same after a spanking as I did before. It certainly is not only the feeling in my behind that has changed. I can go over Mike's knee feeling angry and spiteful and come off it feeling soft, loving and contrite. Do not ask me why this is the case for me.

Can my husband take me in hand without touching me? Sure, sometimes he can. But sometimes I need that spanking to be able to let him take me in hand. I need the spanking as well as the no nonsense attitude of my husband. I need to see his is willing to put me over his knee when he sees fit. It seems to me it is as necessary for me to allow Mike to take me in hand as it seems to be unnecessary for Louise.

I feel that same frustration I think you feel when you see people like me "hung up" on spanking as I feel when I read you say that spanking is not important, the man is, the situation is. I feel frustrated because I do not have the words to explain it to a person for whom this is not the case. It is not that what you say is wrong for me. Of course it being Mike who spanks me is important. Of course Mike's attitude is important. All those things you say really make it taken in hand ARE important in my relationship with Mike. But the spanking is equally as important for me to be able to let go enough to be taken in hand.