Skateboard trucks are known to be sturdy enough to support the whole skateboard and withstand the weight of the rider as well as the impact while skating. Skateboard trucks are typically made of aluminum alloy; however, it doesn’t mean that this component won’t ever be broken.

Since there do not exist too many problems with a good skateboard truck, skaters have a tendency of not caring about this part. Unfortunately, when SkateAdvisors pointed out some common signs of worn-out skateboard trucks , many people realized that it was too late.

It is not until the trucks can not be used anymore that you can easily detect some signs that alarm you about some serious problems with your skateboard trucks. So what are these signs? Let’s find out in today’s post.

Before deciding to replace your skateboard truck, please make sure that it is totally broken or unusable. Some typical problems with a skateboard truck can be fixed easily so don’t waste your money on a new truck.

If you can detect any break in the hanger or the baseplate, I think it is the right time for a replacement. Next, check the top bushings to see whether there are any wobbles or not then move one with the kingpins and the axles.

Since water is the number one enemy of a skateboard, skaters tend to keep the board, especially the mental components like the trucks, as dry as possible. However, this is a two-sided affair since the bushing can become weak due to dryness. According to the guide from SkateAdvisors , riders can easily find the problem by eyes or hearing the weird sound from the trucks.

These are the typical signs of a worn-out skateboard truck. Therefore, I strongly recommend skaters to replace their trucks right away or at least find some methods to improve the situation. If you insist on riding with a broken skateboard truck, the consequences will be serious not just for you but also for the surrounding people.

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Although bad injuries only happen in the worst situation, your skating performance can be considerably affected like the hardness of controlling the board or unsteadiness during turning, etc. This means that your skateboard trucks no longer work well.

Sometimes, the signs are not easy to detect such as the board starts shaking uninterruptedly; therefore, riders without a lot of experience can easily go over these signs. In addition to these hard-to-detect signs, you can feel that you have to struggle in getting balanced on a skateboard while cruising around or doing turns.

For some minor problems, I suggest you fix the skateboard trucks to save money because you don’t have to replace them all the time. To know which problems can be fixed and how to fix skateboard trucks, I think you should check out the guide from SkateAdvisors .


Lastly, replacing or not totally depends on the skater; however, it is better if you can skate on a skateboard with every component working in its best conditions.