FAQs: Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are nowadays used in every household and have become a part of our daily cleaning routine. In the past, people had no choice than to spend several hours on cleaning on their own from room to room and from corner to corner after a long day’s work.

Thankfully, the appearance of vacuum cleaners, people can quickly complete their cleaning mission within less than 20 minutes. It is unbelievable, such insane stuff! Apart from that, it is very tricky to select good vacuum cleaner brands because there is a lot on the market that you should take into consideration.

Do not worry about it! We are here to provide a list of frequently asked questions to narrow down your choices immediately. Let us stay with you now!

1. Which one is better – a bagged vacuum cleaner or a bagless one?

It depends on your preference since both of them work equally well. When it comes to a bagless vacuum cleaner, you do not need to cover the cost of extra bags. Whereas, the HEPA filter in Bagged vacuums works wonders on capturing 99% particles and dust from the air. It is the right solution for allergy sufferers

2. How often do we need to change the vacuum bag?

Changing filter bags usually depend on the use, and the amount of dirt you get in each home, and whether or not someone has a pet at home.

For example, if you are using an Electrolux vacuum, you may replace the new bag after two to three months ideally.

On the other hand, other brands can last around a year. Fortunately, the latest models go with an indicator light, which tells you the right time to remove bags.

3. Can I use other types of materials such as plastic bags or paper for my vacuum cleaner?

It is a big ‘no’ for this question. We highly recommend that you should use the proper vacuum cleaner bags provided by manufacturers which fit your machine. When using other materials may cause severe damage to your vacuum, it creates the effect of suffocating because your vacuum will stop receiving the cooling airflow.

4. What is the best vacuum cleaner for someone suffering from allergies?

Our suggestion will be those vacuum cleaners that come with an anti-allergy paper bag. This type of vacuum tends to be the best way for sufferers. It has a powerful filtration system to ensure that no more dust and other allergens become airborne.


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5. When should I change my vacuum filters?

At first, you should check your filters, whether they block with any dirt or not. All in all, most filters can be washed at home, but follow the instruction booklet that comes with your machine. Remember to maintain your filters as well as your machine annually at the care center to make sure that is clean, which also increases its effectiveness.

6. How many attachments do I need for my vacuum?

Each of the attachments are used for different purposes for different surfaces. For instance:

For walls and floor goals, wall brushes or floor brushes are best-suited.
Mattresses and curtains work well with the upholstery attachment.

7. What should I do if I smell something burning while my vacuum is running?

Keep calm and follow the instructions. It is likely that your vacuum cleaner belt is broken and you need to buy a new one. You can get a new vacuum cleaner belt from any local shop which may cost from $3.00 to $20.00 depending on the vacuum model you have.

8. What should I do if the machine does not pick up dirt?

First of all, check your vacuum cleaner for damage. There are likely two things that can have happened. Either your belt may be broken or the brush may not be moving. Hence, replacing the belt or the brush with a new one should resolve the issue.

Final words

In conclusion, it is quite a challenging mission for our customers to find the most suitable vacuum cleaner in the forest of vacuums. Still, it is a real change and should make a whole load of stuff easier for you after reading this article. We feel that this list of Top best vacuum cleaners will help you identify the one that your house needs and the one you want.