Tips For Machine Quilting Every Sewer Should Know

Are you new to machine quilting and don’t know how to start?

Don’t worry, I have you covered. Here are my top tips for newbies, hope they will give you a smooth start.

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Don’t Aim At Perfection

I’ve heard many people say that machine quilting must be flawless to be beautiful. After years of quilting, I’m confident to say that it doesn’t have to be.

Believe me when I say this, If you are a beginner and what you’re after is perfection, you will give up on this hobby soon enough.

Quilting doesn’t require a special type of sewing machine. In fact, I use the best starter sewing machine to complete most of my quilting projects.

More Is More In Machine Quilting

Whenever you quilt, remember that more is always more.

To keep your quilting projects soft, the secret lies in the thread you use. For quilting and piercing, make use of thin cotton thread. My all-time favorite is the Aurifil 50 weight.

After you are finished, wash the project. They always get softer and suppler after the first wash.

You may be wondering, but if I don’t try to be perfect, what if someone sees my mistakes?

You’re right to worry but there is a way to fix the imperfections, which is to quilt more! Whenever you notice a mistake, add something to it to hide it. Trust me, no one but you will know it was there.

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It’s Ok If Your Projects Look Hand-Craft

The reason I, and many others, love hand-crafted objects so much is that none of them is created equal, each piece has a unique look that is hard to duplicate.

The same thing is true for your quilting projects. I used to get frustrated when the lines I made didn’t stay straight or the swirls and feathers are of different sizes.

When I finally gave up on perfection, I realized that now I have more time for new designs and quilting becomes much more comfortable.

Opt For Blending Fabrics And Thread
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I know many of you love to sew dark thread on light-colored fabrics and vice versa. I never do this because it is the best way to make every mistake of mine pops.

When you have ditched perfection, make your life easier by using the same color for the thread and the fabrics.

If you want your machine quilting to show, just use solid fabrics. If you are a beginner, busy prints can help hide what you don’t want to show.

By the way, for those who haven’t found themselves a machine to aid them with quilting yet, here are some suggestions Top List of Best Sewing Products CraftsSelection .

When I first learned to quilt, I used busy prints a lot. When I got better at it, I switched to solid fabrics. Your bobbin thread should blend in with the fabric too. So match it with the needle thread.

A walking foot is your best friend when you machine quilt. Even in the best sewing machine for beginners, this presser foot is available so you can start quilting with your first machine.