7 Awesome Ideas to Design Your Platform Bed

Looking for ideas to make your bedroom stylish? Decorating a bed can be a daunting task to most people. Spending a fortune on a twin platform bed frame does not guarantee a classic look. What surprisingly makes your bedroom looks modish and distinctive are considerate ideas.

There are many ways of designing your platform bed and we've come up with 7 techniques to make your platform bed eccentric and luxurious.

Raise the floor of the room to make a bed
You don't want to be a frequent customer in a mattress store buying a new mattress. A raised platform bed ensures good ventilation for your futon. You can achieve this by simply adding platform bed risers and paint them similarly to your bed for uniformity.

Moreover, a raised floor allows for underneath storage drawers.

Platform bed hanging in the air

Floating beds can revolutionize your bedroom into a contemporary world. They are ideal for people with minimal bedroom space as they lack a headboard and the large space left beneath the bed.
The modern and mid-century aesthetics, providing a unique blend of stunning working natural wood and white luster.

These beds usually come in twin, full, queen, or king sizes. In which, twin platform bed frame is the most popular.

Platform bed from pallets
Pallets can smartly be used to make brilliant platform designs that are pleasing, functional, and comfortable. You can minimize costs by using properly disinfected recycled materials.

Looking for a dazzling room? You can match the color and theme of your bedroom themes by painting a mixture of paints on your pallets. Additionally, you can expertly design side drawers for storing personal items such as books.

Platform bed with storage
Are you looking to increase your bedroom space? You can design or shop for a platform bed with underneath drawers and shelves. It also saves you money as there is no need for wall cabinets. If your bedroom is too small, considering a platform twin bed with storage is necessary to optimize the space used.

Round bed
This is not the usual type of bed frame that most people would choose. However, its originality makes it work with different design themes making your bedroom stylish.

The lack of edges makes it ideal especially for children as there are minimal accidental injuries and bumps. It also does not restrict you from sleeping in any particular direction or turning around.

Curved bed swaying

Curved beds bring an exclusive modern aesthetic finish to your bedroom. You can paint a neutral color that will match your bedroom design. Additionally, they are stylish and more long-lasting.

4-poster bed

These are bed frames designed in such a manner where each corner has a long post. The posts can be used to suspend curtains all over the bed providing privacy and protecting you from direct sunlight.

Additionally, the canopy and drapes give your bedroom an alluring sense.

Final Thoughts

Getting your dream twin bed frame should not be a strenuous process. We are certain that you'll find the best modern platform bed that will be the perfect combination of both your preferences and taste.

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